All Back to Mine mix – The Superimposers

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The Superimposers have been going since 2005, when former car mechanic and fishmonger Dan Solo met Miles Copeland in a south-coast joke shop. After a period studying music and production at college in London, they focused their skills and created electronic tinged budget beat soulful pop influenced by the sun-dappled songsmiths of California old but rocketed into the 21st Century of samples and computers….  a gaggle of 7’ singles which was then comped into a CD was released to critical acclaim. Two more ‘proper’ long players have been released over the last few years. They also run the wonderful Wonderfulsound label, dedicating themselves to releasing tunes & artists which make you fill with a warm glow. The mix the chaps have provided below shows their passion & obsession for melody, sounds & atmosphere. It is with with great pleasure we can present you with this very special All Back To Mine mix from The Superimposers – pass the kippers & enjoy.


Eden Ahbez – “Full Moon”
The Beach Boys – “Til I Die (Extended Mix)
John Stammers – “Idle I’m” (Colorama Coloured in Remix)
Vinny Roma – “Ah Music”
The Kramford Look – “Endless Sunset”
Iron & Wine – “Joy”
Topanga Canyon – “Love You”
The Monks Kitchen – “Shake”
Family – “My Friend The Sun”
Francis Bebey – “Fleur Tropicale”
Colorama – “Hapus” (Begin Remix)
The Kramford Look – “Afternoon On Rat Island” (Wonderfulsound Remix)
Eunice Collins “At The Hotel”
Patti Page “Cape Cod”

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