All Back To Mine mix – Seahawks

Here’s an exclusive mix put together by Seahawks featuring their ‘sounds of paradise’….’when we get there we hope it sounds something like this’. The mix features alternative versions of tracks from their new album ‘Paradise Freaks’ (out on May 5th) along with sonic pearls from Deuter, Mick Karn, The Velvet Underground and others. Breathe in and go deep……….

Seahawks – Land of Shadows Dancing

Stephen Halpern – Seventh Chakra keynote B

Don Slepian – Awakening

Mick Karn – Weather The Windmill

Oneohtrix Point Never – Andro

Jurgen Muller – Beyond The Tube

Seahawks – Deepstar Dive

Emeralds – Now You See Me

Suzanne Ciani – Lixivation

Brain Machine – Massive Dying Stars Vibrating Like Giant Speakers

Sven Libaek – Peaceful Landscape

Jean Luc Ponty – Ethereal Mood

Seahawks – Soft Opening

Deuter – Meadows and Mystics

The Velvet Underground – New Age (Seahawks Wonder Valley Remix)

Seahawks – Sky Is You Too

Suzanne Ciani – Eighth Wave